Wednesday, May 27, 2020

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Gus talks about what he deems "The Great Squirt Gun Controversy." After some photographs appeared on various social media  that depicted baptisms and blessings being done with a Super Soaker squirt gun in order to maintain social distancing standards, some folks, including several priests, condemned the practice, saying that sacred objects and rites need to be approached with reverence. It turns out that many of the photos were staged and were an attempt at humor but there were a few that were real, including one of a priest using one to bless parishioners outdoors and insisted he wasn't being disrespectful of the sacramental. Although Gus says he can appreciate the intention, he's not a fan of using holy water in such a manner. He gets listener reaction to the story.

Later, Gus is joined by Dr. Tom McGovern who, among many other qualifications, is the regional director representative on the National Board of the Catholic Medical Association. He talks about ways that Catholic dioceses across the country can safely reopen. He also talks about some of the deleterious effects this nationwide quarantine has had on society.

And, based on that discussion, with churches in many dioceses beginning to reopen, things sure look a lot different with all the social distancing requirements in place. Gus invites listeners who've been able to return to mass to call in and share what their experiences have been like.


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