Wednesday, May 16, 2018

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In Germany, a recent Bishops Council and the Germany president are seeking to come up with a resolution that will allow for some Protestants to receive Holy Communion from the Catholic Church. The pope did not accept their request and urged them to go back and rethink this and only come back if they reach a unanimous decision. Gus reads the article from the Catholic Herald and then gets listener reaction.


  • Alan Pruett: May 16, 2018


    Given that the Lutheran Church believes in the real presence as Luther did and Catholics do, and that they account for the majority of Protestants in Germany, could this be why the accommodation is being considered at all? Just a thought. By the way, I lived in Xenia, Ohio when younger, but am in the Atlanta area now. Good thought provoking show.

    Pax vobis,

  • Jeff Schultz: May 16, 2018

    Gus I just caught the end of your discussion this morning and I’m in agreement with the majority of the callers that this needs to be addressed by the Holy Father quickly. One comment that you made prompted me to send you this note. Please forgive me if I only heard a portion and am making an incorrect assumption. Just prior to your phone conversation with a Deacon, you seemed to be siding with those who have followed all the rules vs those who are progressing towards our shared faith. I remind you of Matthew 20 and that all of us workers are only owed the promised wage, even if they are newbies. It is a concept that I have to remind myself of constantly as I’m one of those who can complain about anything even when I’m in the wrong. Hopefully with the grace of our Lord I’m getting better. Thanks for your work and your show. It’s a great start of the day even if I’m in disagreement.

    May the Holy Spirit continue to guide your efforts and guard you and your family

  • Pamela rosenbaum: May 16, 2018

    I am a 70 year old new Catholic who has been listening to your program for a year. Catholics don’t need to be afraid to be Catholics! We have what the world needs and diluting any ritual or belief to accommodate the human limited thinking instead of lifting it up with the strength of the Truth seems misguided. Easier maybe but not what I think we are called to do. Keep up your good work and thank you

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