Tuesday, May 15, 2018

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Gus confides to his listeners that he does indeed suffer with depression and the past couple of days have been very rough for him. He doesn't know why but has certain strategies he uses to overcome it. He asks listeners who struggle similarly to call in and share their strategies.

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  • Nicole: May 15, 2018

    Hi, Gus. I start each weekday with you and thank you for all that you share. I could not call in today but wanted to state this: there is a mind body connection and the physical body has a type of memory. You have been through a lot recently with Michelle’s illness. This “off” feeling might be your body’s attempt to let go of stress. This is not unusual AFTER a trauma. Ignoring or distracting from that need will not help you. Nor will rumination. You have to find a middle ground. Do you know how to belly breathe? If you can sit quietly and acknowledge your feelings while calmly breathing and then ask the Lord to help you let those bad feelings go, they might pass more easily. Anger is often held in the throat and chest, fear in the chest and stomach…all of it will leave you feeling attacked. Honor your body’s messages and they will subside. No need to spin feelings into stories.
    Just honor the root feelings and let go. Blessings and prayers,

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