Wednesday, May 1, 2024

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Today is the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker. Gus talks about its history, which dates back to 1955 and was instituted by Pope Pius XII as an effort to combat the rising tide of communism, which promoted the state before God. Gus talks about work ethics and invites listeners to call in and share who instilled their work ethic and to talk about their jobs.

Also, Gus is joined in the Conversion Corner by Lawain McNeil, a convert from the Church of Christ. Lawain grew up in Missouri in a strong Christian home with two loving parents and began studying at a Church of Christ seminary in Cincinnati after graduating high school and began studying the writings of the early Church fathers. The seminary was located in the western side of the city, which has always been strongly Catholic and one of his duties was to go door-to-door doing missionary work. Lawain said he’d never had anti-Catholic sentiments growing up and was very open to its teachings. It was here that his conversion process began. He tells Gus and the listeners his full story.


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