Wednesday, March 20, 2024

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Gus is joined by Catholic author Robert Ryan to talk about his new book, “Defensible Faith: Helping the Nones Find God.” The “rise of the nones” is one of Gus’ pet topics and he welcomes Robert’s perspective, which stresses the truth of both faith and science and how they’re not mutually exclusive. In his book, Robert discusses how science provides many compelling arguments for belief in God as well as the more philosophical justifications for faith and the evidential supporting Christianity. Robert says it’s important to use science when defending the faith to nones because, for many of them, that has become their religion.

Also, Gus talks about the phenomenon known as “spiritual attack.” To a lot of Catholics and many other Christians, there is no question that this exists. Gus talks about his bouts with it and what he does to try and counter it. He invites listeners to call in and talk about their experiences with spiritual attack and the steps they take to overcome it.

And Gus does his daily Lenten reading and reflection on Psalm 51 and later remembers his late sister Phyllis on what would've been her 65th birthday.


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