Thursday, March 21, 2024

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Gus concluded a local parish mission last night and talks about the turnout. He praises the number of people who showed up, but often laments the turnout because it usually represents 5% of a parish. He doesn’t say this to boost up himself, but, rather, believes that these are so beneficial for our faith lives. He invites listeners who’ve attended a parish mission to call in and share their experiences.

Later, Gus goes over some Catholic news/notes of importance, including African Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo deploring the lack of synodality with the release of Fiducia supplicans, which provides outlines for the spontaneous blessing of same-sex couples by Catholic priests. He calls it “cultural colonization” and “Western imperialism” and that the bishops of Africa weren’t consulted at all. Gus also talks about the Supreme Court declining to hear Catholic couple Mary and Jeremy Cox’s lawsuit against the state of Indiana over custody of their transgender child. In 2019, their son identified as a female, which they refused and attempted to treat, but the state of Indiana intervened and removed the child from their home. Also, in Florida, a Grammy-award winning priest, Fr. Jerome Kaywell, was cleared of sexual misconduct allegations after his accuser recanted his claims and attributed them to a “false memory.” And earlier this week, Pope Francis elevated Archdiocese of Detroit Auxiliary Bishop Gerard Battersby to Bishop of the Diocese of LaCrosse, Wisconsin.

And Bob Dunning calls in to talk a little March Madness. The 2024 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament begins in earnest today at 12:15pm ET. There were a couple of play-in games on Tuesday night. They look over their early round brackets and pick a few upsets.


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