Wednesday, June 3, 2020

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Gus talks about the events surrounding President Donald Trump the past couple of days, namely protesters being dispersed with tear gas in order for him to visit St. John's Church in Washington D.C. followed by a visit to the St. John Paul II Shrine. The move was criticized by Washington D.C. Archbishop Wilton Gregory who called the president visiting a Catholic shrine "baffling and reprehensible." Gus criticizes the president's obvious photo op but applauds his visit of the JPII Shrine and is disappointed by Archbishop Gregory's reaction, calling it judgmental. He asks, aren't all welcome there? He gets listener reaction.

Also, Dr. Grazie Pozo Christie calls in to talk with Gus about the state of health care in the wake of coronavirus. For the past couple of months, common medical procedures have been deemed unnecessary by the state and many health care workers have been unemployed. They also discuss where we are with the state of coronavirus, especially with so many people gathering together for protests over the murder of George Floyd. Afterwards, Gus talks with listeners who were impacted by the health care shutdown.

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  • Debra Gaines: June 05, 2020

    Gus, love and appreciate your program. Was disappointed in your comments/criticism of the president. We are only given a glance of what he did at St Johns. After all that he has been through over the last few months and now this. Petty comments are disheartening. Especially from an intelligent and godly man as yourself.

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