Tuesday, June 2, 2020

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John Allen calls in from Rome and talks with Gus about Italy's continued reopening from the cornoavirus pandemic and what that's been like. He also talks about Pope Francis' attempts at combating nepotism and feudalism with Vatican contracts. John and Gus also discuss the George Floyd protests and riots from an international perspective.

Also, Gus gives an update on the nationwide protests and riots that continued Monday; many of which included destruction and vandalism done to several churches and cathedrals. He wonders aloud wonders if the rise of the "none's," aka people who are irreligious, and violent protests and the desecration of churches coincide. He also cites the breakdown of the family, particularly the lack of a strong father, or even a father at all, in society as a reason for such an irrational response. He opens up the phones for listener comments.

Also, Gus talks about the incredible rise in unemployed because of the coronavirus. He invites listeners who were affected that way, or has a loved one who was affected, to call in and talk about how it's affected them emotionally and spiritually.

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  • Anthony Addeo: June 02, 2020

    Hi Gus, I hope all is well. I was a bit disappointed when I called in. I told the screener that I was disappointed that no one was addressing the racism by blacks. I guess opposing view points aren’t allowed, I’m sorry for that. We can’t make progress unless we listen to other points of view. I totally understand that institutional racism existed in this country against blacks, but that has been rectified. Most blacks learn racism from their preachers and parents. Black children are told by their elders that every one is against them and they have to watch out. After they learn this, they see racism everywhere. They perceive racism where it isn’t. European Americans and blacks can live in harmony. Somtimes people just think there is racism when there isn’t. I hope this doesn’t disturb you or anyone else. I will continue to listen to your show it is great!!!

    Anthony Addeo
    Central Islip, NY 11722

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