Wednesday, July 10, 2019

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In light of today's Gospel and his 60 Second Reflection, Gus asks listener if they or any family members or friends have left the Church and where have they gone. He also asks what Catholics can do, especially in the wake of the clergy sex abuse scandals, to re-present the Church to them.

Also, Gus discusses a news story out of South Carolina where a Catholic school teacher has been fired over her pro-abortion social media posts. Naturally, she has filed a lawsuit. Gus asks listeners if the school is well within its rights to fire her.

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  • Dan Farrell: July 10, 2019

    Regarding one of the topics from today’s show, the two Catholic Schools in Indiana-

    The point was made several times that Parents who send their children to a Catholic School expect a Catholic Education.

    I live in the area and have found that this statement does not hold true- Many parents simply want a Private education for their children- which is what Berbuef Jesuit supplies. The parents I know attached to that school are embracing the schools decision to defy the local Bishop.

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