Tuesday, July 9, 2019

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Recently, Gus found his dad's old briefcase. As he went through it, it was mostly old documents and other unimportant papers. Gus ruminated over whether or not he should keep them or toss them. He asks listeners what they do with old sentimental items like birthday cards and letters.

Also, Gus reads an email he got recently from a listener who said she was listening to the show in the car with a non-Catholic friend not very long ago who got very upset when Gus started talking about in vitro fertilization and why the Catholic Church is against it. The woman said that she struggles with being able to adequately defend the Church's position on hot-button issues like that and she's grateful for the program and for Gus' books and CDs. She also asked for some advice on how she can respond to the in vitro questions. Gus invites listeners to call in and share what questions they hear from non-Catholics and Catholics alike.

And, Gus reads a news article about the Abby Johnson biopic "Unplanned," which is slated to be released in Canada this month. Some theaters have cancelled their showings after many employees and their families received death threats.


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