Wednesday, January 12, 2022

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Gus talks about Pope Francis' recent remarks at his Wednesday audience regarding people who choose to not have children and instead have pets. He said society loses when dogs and cats take the place of children. Gus gets listener reaction.

Also, this past weekend, Pope Francis renewed a tradition in the Sistene Chapel where he baptized 16 babies. The tradition was put on hold last year because of COVID. Gus talks about the role of the godparent, which has kind of become lost in our culture, and invites listeners to call in and share how many godchildren they have, if any, and how they chose their children's godparents.

And, James Baxter, CEO and co-founder of Exodus 90, calls in to talk about the program, which is a 90-day spiritual program for men that focuses on prayer, aestheticism and fraternity. James talks about that his program is incredibly beneficial but it's challenging as it involves abstaining from technology that unnecessary, taking cold showers and avoiding watching sports but that it reprioritizes your time and increases your focus on God and making men recognize their spiritual roles in their families, their community and in society. Men can do the program any time but the Easter campaign, which includes a much larger fraternity, begins this Sunday, January 17th.


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