Thursday, January 13, 2022

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Gus reads a story from Aleteia, which talks about a recent study conducted by the New York Times, which reveals that some prenatal testing for Downs Syndrome and other rare genetic diseases is incorrect most of the time. The study finds that the testing, which for the most part is unnecessary, produces false results about 85% of the time, which means that people think they're doing the right thing by aborting a child with a condition that might make life very challenging when there might be nothing wrong with them at all. Gus invites listeners who've had experiences with prenatal testing to call in and share their experiences.

Also, Gus reads a recent Tweet from the USCCB that was incredibly "woke" and was mocked brutally on Twitter. It was about "seven attitudes" we can take in our synodal journey and the attitudes were nothing but woke corporate buzzwords like "innovative outlook," "inclusivity" and "co-responsibility." He gets listener reaction.

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  • SOPHIE M HAGLIN: January 15, 2022

    Good evening. I was traveling again this morning and got in on the middle of the talk. I may be old and not with the times but what is “woke”? My reaction to the replies is we need to trust in the Holy Spirit to lead us. We need to pray those who are on the fence about coming back to the church to find you and people like Jeff Cavins, Fr. Mike, Scott Hahn, Bishop Barren and those coming in to the church find us that hold our faith so dear. I remember talking to a friend of mine who is so holy but has some blind spots. She could not fathom why everyone didn’t embrace the Latin mass. Our faith is a journey and while the Latin mass is for some others starting out on their journey it may be too much for them. A wise women in my bible study class once said. The Holy Spirit will not lead us wrong we have to put our faith in the Trinity and not man.
    Thanks for your program when I am traveling it makes the time fly. Sophie

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