Wednesday, February 3, 2021

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Yesterday, Gus was forced to take a day off because his bride, Michelle, had to be taken to the emergency room. Although it wasn't a dire emergency, it was enough for her to have to be admitted to the hospital and stay overnight. In this era of COVID, where most hosptials and medical facilities won't allow visitors, Gus was pleasantly surprised that he was able to go into the ER and to her hospital room. He asks listeners who've had COVID-era medical experiences to call in and share them.

Also, Gus melds together honoring Catholic Schools Week and our Conversion Corner segment by welcoming Ali Ghaffari to the show. Ali is the founder of Divine Mercy Academy, a Catholic school in Pasadena, Maryland that offers a classical education. Although raised in a somewhat Christian household, Ali eventually drifted into agnosticism and atheism, which included a stint as a Navy fighter pilot. He shares his fascinating conversion story with Gus and his listeners.

Also, Gus talks about today's Feast of St. Blaise, a fourth century bishop who was martyred for the faith. Because of his curing of a young man who was choking on a fish bone, he's become known as the patron saint of throat ailments. Traditionally, around the world, Catholics have their throats blessed on this day. Unfortunately, like so many wonderful things, this is another casualty of COVID. Although it is most efficacious to have a priest bless your throat, Gus does tell listeners that you can bless your own.

St. Blaise, pray for us!


  • Brenda Riviere: February 04, 2021

    I hope Michelle is doing better. I shall keep her in my prayers.
    I would also like to hear the interview with Fr. Leo from Monday.

    Also, I want to thank you for all of the information about the McCarrick report from last Fall. The interview with Robert Moynihan was so very interesting. I have since read his book about Archbishop Vigano, and have also read Marco Tosatti’s book about breaking the story. Thanks again, Gus!

  • Jeanne Bremer: February 04, 2021

    I would also think that St. Blase would be a perfect representative for COVID, since a sore throat is one of the symptoms, cough , and such (ears nose and throat)… hugh!
    He should be PROMOTED more then ever!

  • Mary Lauer : February 03, 2021

    Isn’t it ironic? We need St. Blase more than ever during Covid for a miraculous healing. And yet, he’s being canceled because a throat blessing is thought to be a super spreader. As if the saint himself will make you sick. What little faith! They don’t deserve the blessing.

  • Mary Lauer : February 03, 2021

    The interview of Fr. Leo Pattalinghug was removed from the archived podcast. Why? Do you have a link to it so I can hear it again? It was very powerful and it moved me.

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