Wednesday, February 21, 2024

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In today’s Gospel, Jesus talks about people seeking signs for the wrong reasons and tells them that no sign will be given them. Gus says that Jesus says that this doesn’t mean you can’t ever ask God to show you a sign. If you ask so that God can prove his existence, that is the wrong motivation and the you will most likely never see it. If you ask him as a form of spiritual reinforcement to help you along your journey, that is a proper motivation. Gus asks listeners to call in if they’ve ever received a sign from God.

Also, Dr. Matthew Bunson of EWTN News calls in to go over some Catholic news items of interest with Gus, including a group of Catholic scholars who are challenging a recent study by pro-abortion advocates for Nature Medicine, which states that abortion pills such as mifepristone are safe and effective. Continuing with the pro-life theme, they also talk about how the Supreme Court in the state of Alabama recently ruled that frozen embryos are, in fact, children. They also discuss an update to the German Synodal Way. The German bishops have halted a move toward establishing a Synodal council made up of a mixture of laity and bishops. This comes after a formal request from the Vatican not to proceed with this.

Gus also does his daily Lenten reading and reflection of Psalm 51 and renews a weekly Lenten tradition of inviting listeners to call in and give their Lenten Report Cards. He asks what they took on or gave up and how it’s going so far.


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