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As Gus and company enter Sarria on the Camino de Santiago, Gus talks about a particular miracle that took place along the path. On day four of his journey, his laptop crashed. He planned on going into town, and missing a portion of the Camino, in order to purchase a new computer. After much prodding from his wife, Gus asked his pilgrims if any of them had a laptop. One volunteered his but it proved incompatible with what he needed to do. Hours later, another pilgrim traveling with him, Tim, noticed him looking forlorn, he asked him what was wrong and Gus explained. The priest offered his laptop and it turned out to be the exact make and model as Gus' and he was able to get the show loaded and sent to NY.

Throughout much of the Camino, Gus has interviewed people from Europe and South Africa and had encountered few Americans. That changed today. He's joined this hour by Ricardo from Florida and Stephanie and Carmen from the Midwest. Later, he's joined by another American, Joanie Larue and Maria and Noel, a married couple from Ireland.

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  • Mike Miller: May 22, 2023

    Hi Gus.

    Long time listener and parishioner at Incarnation – Tampa and sometimes St. Tim’s.
    Thank you for bringing the coffee talk across the breakfast table. I just saw a video of a gentleman who came onto the set to do an interview on a TV show in Europe. Little did he know that the audience was filled with most of the 669 holocaust survivors he rescued decades earlier.
    Maybe one day you will meet those whose lives the Holy Spirit has transformed through you, when you least expect it. I digress.

    We are planning a pilgrimage (I say that, the other three possibly don’t) to the Camino. We have done some research but knowing how you loved it, I thought I would ask you. We are planning on going in the Fall of 2024. My wife and I are hikers and the other two are not. She will be 61 and I will be months shy of 65. The other two will be 61 also.
    We thought the Sarria to Santiago route would be best. It is the most popular but is it the most scenic. Also, which route offers the best spiritual growth? We may be hooking up with Santiago Ways (I think that’s the name), but not yet decided.
    Thank you Gus.

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