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It's Day 2 of Seize the Day from the second half of the Camino de Santiago and Gus begins by talking about a town they passed through called O'Cebreiro and the Eucharistic Miracle of O'Cebreiro that took place around the year 1300. Legend has it, the host turned to real flesh and the wine to real blood to prove the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist to a priest there who doubted it.

Later on, Gus talks with some people he brought along with him, including Bea the tour guide, pilgrims Emily Wilson and Jess Ennett, and a few he met on the Camino, Inge Compen and Jan Pederson.

And, he closes today's show by giving a little history on the French Way, which is the most popular of all Camino routes. It runs from St.-Jean-Pied-de-Port and goes a little under 500 miles to Santiago de Compastela. Gus talks a little bit about why that particular route is so popular and special.


  • Larry J Gajderowicz: April 04, 2020

    I appreciate hearing “Seize the Day” as a part of my spiritual nourishment. Thank you for all you do.

  • Larry: August 31, 2019

    Good evening, Child of God!
    You often refer to your showing of emotions—including crying. Today, your interview with the ex-military gentleman (I think his name was Ian Petersen) brought tears to my eyes when you both talked about the strong, yet intimate sense of community that the Camino de Santiago instills in those who are so blessed as to be able to make the trek. YOU, Gus, are an inspiration. And that’s why I listen to your show so often. But Mr. Petersen also turned out to be such as loving, caring “teddy bear”—it was a great talk with one of your fellow pilgrims.
    I just turned 70 years old, and I use a walker for mobility, so I am not real likely to ever make that pilgrimage myself. But THANK YOU your allowing me to feel almost like a part of it vicariously through you. God bless you and the loving work you do in His service. Thanks!

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