Wednesday, August 17, 2022

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Gus recounts his spur of the moment conversation with Dr. Anthony Dardano yesterday. He had been talking about the recommendation by a consultant that the Cause for Canonization of Fr. Vincent Capodanno be put on pause because he was a member of the military and Dr. Dardano, a listener, had been involved in investigating the medical miracle attributed to the Servant of God. Dr. Dardano said that when you're praying to a potential saint for his intercession in some manner, you must pray specifically to only that saint. That really struck goes so he asks listeners if they ever prayed specifically to only one saint and had their prayer answered.

Gus also talks about how sales of Rosaries have gone up considerably since the Atlantic ran an article last weekend demonizing Rosaries, alleging that it's been co-opted by far right, gun-toting extremists. Listeners call in to talk about the mischaracterization of the Rosary by the Atlantic. Many are proud to call it a weapon against the devil and how they're radical extremists for the Kingdom of God.

And Dr Matthew Bunson of EWTN calls in to talk about some news of Catholic interest. They discuss social media and journalism and the perils that are often on display, the oppression of the Catholic Church in Nicaragua under Marxist dictator Daniel Ortega, the pause for the Cause for Canonization of Fr. Vincent Capodanno and the Pontifical Academy for Life contraception scandal and that Canadian Cardinal Marc Ouellet has been accused of sexual assault.

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  • Dave Chelgren: August 18, 2022

    With respect to Nicaragua this is nothing new in the Americas. If you haven’t seen “For Greater Glory- The True Story of the Cristiada” sometimes known as the Cristeros movement you should do so. Many think of Mexico as a very Catholic Country but in the early 1900s the Mexican government attempted to wipe out the Catholic Church. President Calles strictly enforced former anti-clerical laws in an attempt to abolish Catholicism. 25 martyrs came out of the 3-year (1926-1929) war against the church, many of them local priests and a 14 year old boy.

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