Wednesday, April 20, 2022

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Yesterday, a federal judge struck down the CDC's mask mandate for transportation, calling it unlawful. Gus talks about the effects of mask mandates on our culture, which caused incredible division. He invites listeners to call in and talk about how they feel about mask mandates.
Later, Gus talks about an offensive ad campaign that took place during Holy Week by Burger King in Spain. The ad used Jesus' words, "Take this all of you and eat of it," in reference to their vegetarian burger. Burger King withdrew the ad and apologized but many Spaniards have decided to boycott the restaurant chain. Gus invites listeners to call in if they've ever boycotted anything and if the action is effective.
And David Pinault, professor of religious studies at Santa Clara University, calls in to talk about the life of Blessed Charles de Foucould who will be beatified next month by Pope Francis. His life is the subject of a new book by Ingnatius Press.


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