Thursday, April 21, 2022

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Gus is joined by Hans Plate, founder and president of Vinea Research, who talks about a survey his organization really did that measures the effects of the COVID pandemic on Catholics and Catholic lifeOne sad fact that Hans discussed with Gus is that there are a number of Catholics who aren't returning to mass because of the convenience of live streaming. It shows a lack of understanding of the true presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. Gus invites listeners to call in and share their beliefs as to why some Catholics aren't returning.
Also, Gus talks about the idea of generational curses on families. He's a believer in this and says it's referred to in Scripture and he also believes that can be broken. He invites listeners to call in whose families have experienced this and he hears from people who have generational alcoholism, depression, struggles with showing affection, anxiety, etc.


  • David Trevino: April 24, 2022

    Good evening. Praying you and yours are well and in the best of health.
    Was driving to a doctor’s appointment in San Antonio and was listening to your show this morning, as I try and do every morning, and decided to call in and share my thoughts toward the end of your show. Time ran out so I decided that when I returned home, I would email you with my opinion.
    Sharing that I do not feel it’s solely the Church’s responsibility to bring back parishoners who have become complacent in either watching mass on on TV/computers. etc. or it’s just not convenient.
    It’s kind of like dropping you kid off at school in the first grade and telling the schools that you’ll be back to pick them up when they graduate from high school so it’s the school’s responsibility to teach them values, morals, etc.
    We, too, need to take responsibility for holding our fellow parishoners ACCOUNTABLE . . . but we need to guard against becoming judgmental. If I saw you at the grocery store, or at the movies, or at a restaurant but never at church, I would ask you why you aren’t going to mass but you’re OK going to these other places . . . we need to hold each other accountable. Granted, there are some folks who are not able to attend mass for medical or other reasons but I feel that the vast majority who are perfectly able/capable of attending need a reality check.
    I don’t understand how it’s not convenient for someone who believes in Jesus not to attend mass. I’m so grateful that Jesus thought enough about me to die for me . . . convenience does not enter into the going to mass equation. Thanks.
    God’s love, peace, and blessings to you and your family.

  • Lynn poupore : April 24, 2022

    I was just talking about this topic. I agree 100% that it’s due to not understanding the importance and value of the Blessed Sacrament! To further this idea, we could branch out to those Catholics that will stop going to Mass, because of misunderstandings with the clergy. I certainly am not talking about the sexual abuse cases, whereby, people can’t move past that horrific idea! To stop going, shows to me that those who make that decision to avoid Mass, do not realize the importance of the Sacrament! These folks haven’t yet formed a personal relationship with our gracious, forgiving, loving God. I’ve always said that I will always go to Mass FOR THE PURPOSE, FIRST, TO RECEIVE OUR SWEET JESUS IN THE SACRAMENT! Praise God for my faith!

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