Tuesday, September 14, 2021

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Gus talks about his grandsons, Beckett and Wyatt, and their love for playing baseball. This past weekend, they played in a game and lost very badly. It was particularly tough for them because, last year, they were the best team in their league. Gus invites listeners to call in and share with him how they taught their kids to lose.

Later, Fr. Leo Patalinghug calls in. He gives Gus an update on his food truck, Plating Grace & Grub, which has taken off and dominated much of his life. He also talks with Gus about jobs he had before entering the seminary, what he does in his free time. He and Gus also talk sports, particularly violent ones like MMA, and whether or not Christians can feel good about watching it. 

One other thing Gus and Fr. Leo discussed was today's feast, the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. In Catholic art, there are several different types of crosses that have been depicted over the centuries and Gus and Fr. Leo discuss some that move them. Gus invites listeners to call in and share a cross that moved them to the core of their being.

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  • Trish Dominique: September 14, 2021

    Good morning Gus,

    I wanted to share with you what a coach once told my boys when they were little and playing football in a summer camp. The coach was at St. Augustine HS here in San Diego and ran the program. He said, (I’m not quoting him exactly) “We need to go out and play to the very best of our abilities and no matter if we win or lose, we lose like winners with our heads held high and if we win we are gracious to the losing team. We are also here to have fun so above all, lets have fun no matter the outcome.” That has always stuck with me over the years and I always ask my boys when they are playing sports if they are having fun. If it is no longer any fun then they are playing for the wrong reasons.

    I love listening to your show each day and I hope that you have a very blessed day.


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