Tuesday, October 26, 2021

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Gus talks about visiting a beautiful chapel last week while on vacation. It's called St. Margaret of Scotland Catholic Church and it's tucked away in the mountains of Maggie Valley, North Carolina and has breathtaking views of the nature that surrounds it. Gus asks listeners what's the most beautiful church they've ever visited.
And, yesterday, during Tell Me Something Good, a new listener called in and spoke about surrendering. He's going through a tough time with his teenage son and is open to surrendering but needed advice on how. Gus talks about some of his surrender moments and invites listeners to call up and share theirs.


  • rick silvas: October 27, 2021

    Today’s comments on beautiful churches. Having travel around the world, to include the US I have been to several Catholic Churches. The most beautiful church to me was St Didicas Catholic Church, San Diego, CA. not because if the style of the church, but the people. the first day I walked into mass I was welcomed, parishioners made me feel as if I was in their home.

  • Jamie Zabicki: October 26, 2021

    I wasn’t able to call in but I had a surrender moment. First let me tell you my mom was an alcoholic for my growing up years. Make a long story short- when I was about 36 I decided to set up an intervention for my mom. All I had to do was get her to the emergency room doors and the doctors would take over. Well, my dad backed out and my mom sat on her bed and said she was not going. I felt like a punch to the gut but I finally broke down and said God I can’t do this anymore. So I said let go and let God. I can’t say I felt great afterwards but I had to do this for my sanity and the health of my family.

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