Tuesday, October 10, 2023

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Gus is joined by the Bible Lady, Gail Buckley Barringer. Gail grew up Methodist in North Carolina in a family that didn't really practice their faith, but always felt close to God. She shares how the seeds of her conversion to Catholicism were sown when she was 15 and ventured into a Catholic church, which was further enhanced by the discovery of her grandmother's miraculous medal and discovering her grandmother was once a Catholic. She shares the rest of the story with Gus and the listeners and also provides this resource for those who'd like a more in-depth study of sacred scripture.
Also, Gus replays his conversation with his Jerusalem pilgrimage tour guide George Stephan who calls in from there and provides Gus a first-hand description of the attack on Jews in the Gaza Strip by Hamas over the weekend. It subsequently prompted Israel to declare war on the terrorist group. Afterwards, Gus talks more about the war currently underway in Israel and shares a text he got from his son Patrick, asking why the Palestinians and the Jews hate each other. Gus provides a little background, which stems back thousands of years, and the reason why the former feels like prisoners in their own land following the establishment of the Jewish state in 1948. He also talks about radical Islam's belief that all Jews are subhuman and either need to be killed or displaced, which is taught from childhood, and how there's no negotiating with people who have that belief.


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