Tuesday, November 5, 2019

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Gus welcomes best-selling Contemporary Christian artist and founder of the monastic community, the Brothers and Sisters of Charity, John Michael Talbot to the program. John Michael talks about his history, his ministry and his new program, the Inner Room School of Spirituality.
Also, Gus talks about a call he got during yesterday's Tell Me Something Good from a woman who said she experienced a miraculous at a healing mass recently. Gus has had plenty experience going to healing masses and asks listeners to call in and share their experiences at healing masses and/or if they ever had any sort of miraculous healing, particularly following mass or prayer.
And, Gus talks about a recent ruling in New York City, which outlaws the delicacy foie gras, which is goose or duck liver, which are fattened by force-feeding the animals. The city's lawmakers have deemed this cruel. Gus reminds listeners that, earlier this year, New York State passed the most liberal abortion law, which allows unfettered abortion throughout the entire pregnancy, killing the child after its been born and not recognizing the humanity of the child in the womb if it is killed, intentionally or unintentionally, while in utero.


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