Tuesday, March 7, 2023

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Gus reads a recent George Weigel Op-Ed piece that's appeared on several Catholic Web sites entitled "AWOL Doctors at the Catholic Field Hospital," which laments the hijacking of the Synodal Way by the German bishops. Weigel states that, in trying to redefine sin, particularly ones that deal with human sexuality, some of our bishops are attempting to redefine the teachings of Jesus Christ, which will lead to a perpetual state of mortal sin. Gus gets listener comments afterwards.
Also, Gus talks about Chris Rock's new Netflix special where he has a bit about abortion where, like Pope Francis, he says that having an abortion is like hiring a hitman. Rock admits he's pro-choice but is fairly honest and uses outrageous and absurd statements to point out the truth of what abortion actually is. Gus can't play the audio because of the profanity but reads some of his statements omitting, of course, the foul language and then gets listener reaction.
And today is the Feast of Sts. Perpetua and Felicity, an ancient feast day in the life of the Church. Gus shares their stories, which are intertwined, and date back to the days of the Christian persecution in Rome in the early part of the 3rd century. They both converted to Christianity, much to the consternation of their families, and suffered martyrdom in the Colosseum where they were mauled to death by wild animals. 


  • cfd: March 07, 2023

    I am familiar with the experience of both same sex attraction and gender identity dissonance. I do believe in what the church teaches in regard to this. However, I think the Catechism needs to be clarified what it means by “disordered.” I have seen it misinterpreted as a noun, such as a disorder, and illness, rather than as a verb, meaning not being in accordance to proper order of things. All sin is disordered from this perspective.

  • Jack: March 07, 2023

    I believe I believe I. God. I was raise catholic.
    Men wrote the biblical rules ( inspired by God). They created church for two reasons:
    1) praise Lord and spread word,
    2) divine to manage society. That means creating rules and responsibilities to advance society and our understanding of God.
    As a society we have advance. We know more, we understand more. The church must understand that fact and advance or perish.
    Those original rule makers were human and act within their special interests. Had God not wanted our understand and tolerance to increase, he/she would have simply written the bible for us.
    Change is scary but inevitable. God changes between old and new testimony, why shouldn’t the church?
    Thank you

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