Tuesday, March 12, 2019

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A Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Kansas City, Kansas is receiving plenty of criticism for denying entrance of a kindergartner of a same-sex couple. School administrator, Fr. Craig Maxim, cited archdiocesan admissions policies in that a same-sex couple is not capable of modeling the "essential components" of the Church's teaching on marriage and "creates a conflict for their children between what they are taught in school and what is experienced at home." Gus gives his reaction and opens the phones up for listeners'.


  • Charles V. Bernard: March 27, 2019

    Noted somewhat of a conflict when you went on about Spreading the Seed and how it falls on all kinds of ground. Essentially God’s Grace or Calling!

    In this case “the little girl” has been over looked or trampled by our fears of gay parents! The heck with her parents!

    The Little Ones have been entrusted to our care!

    This is just another Opportunity!

    Answer that on The Day of Judgement!

    Meanwhile all the self-righteous are backslapping each other and on and on….

    And I don’t advocate Non Sacramental Marriages, however their are numerous outstanding Catholic Students from Non Sacramental Marriages!

    Charles V. Bernard

  • Sharon Seaver: March 13, 2019

    I live in the Kansas City area. Since I am a proponent of Catholic education, my first inclination is to want the child to have an opportunity to go to Catholic school regardless of the parents. My concern about this situation though, is that most of the coverage has been very one-sided. I am curious as to whether there is additional information that might change my mind. Of course, with the tendency in traditional news media to poorly charactarize the church , I haven’t seen it. The Kansas City Star and New York Times are not known for their willingness to provide balanced coverage. I am waiting for this story to be covered in The Catholic Key and The Leaven (our Missouri and Kansas publications) so that I can make a more informed decision. Just as I would not make up my mind solely on the coverage in Catholic media, I will not allow the secular media outlets to be my only sources on this.

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