Tuesday, June 29, 2021

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Gus' daughter, Emily Lynch, joins him in studio to talk real estate today. She and Gus discuss the current state of the market which is red hot even though there aren't many houses for sale. Much of it has to do with the pandemic because of the restructuring of many corporations which is allowing more and more people to work from home. Emily talks about the positives and negatives of this market and how it's affecting some of her clients and how she's seen God's intervention at work. Afterwards, Gus asks listeners to call in and share their stories about when God intervened in a real estate sale or purchase.

Also, Gus reads an email he got yesterday from the folks at the Children's Dream Fund. Each year, they participate with Gus in Project Christmas and raise money for kids with debilitating or terminal illnesses. Last year, we raised $5500 for Shanella, who was diagnosed with T cell leukemia in 2018, for an RV trip across the country. The email told the great news that Shanella's received her final cancer treatment. Gus invites listeners who've had children who've overcome a traumatic health event to call in and share their stories.

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  • Susan Rosko: June 30, 2021

    Usually when I listen, I’m hearing the “rerun” of the phone calls. I wanted to share a real estate story for Emily. 21 years ago we put our home on the market. Sales were different then. With 5 kids, we’d put extraneous furniture in storage. Over a year, we looked at a many houses, but got no offers on our lovely 5 bedroom home. We found a house we really liked that was being built and placed a tiny St. Joseph statue in the corner of one of the kitchen cabinets. Well, in March we just despaired of ever selling our house and took it off the market, although it was still in the multiple listing directory for another month. Come March 19, suddenly we had a showing. They weren’t interested, but someone else came by shortly after and we got an unexpected call. Contract obtained. We went back to the house with the St. Joseph Statue. They refused to sell to us! We started looking again. I saw a picture in the newspaper and asked if we could see it. My realator was shocked. It was in her neighborhood and she’d never seen it before and it had been on the market for a few months! It was THE house and has been for 21 years. But something else happened. The new house they wouldn’t sell to us? A year later someone I knew told me the front wall was collapsing! Thank you, St. Joseph, you’ve always protected us!

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