Tuesday, June 12, 2018

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Gus and the pilgrims pull into Dürnstein, Austria for Day 7 of the Seize the Day Danube River Cruise/Pilgrimage. Gus talks about pulling out of Vienna and gives an update on a couple of the pilgrims who are dealing with cancer. One, in fact, had to depart early because of illness. He also talks about a bicycle tour he and many of the pilgrims went on earlier.

Later, Gus and Fr. Leo play a spirited game with the pilgrims, "Ask Fr. Leo & Gus Anything." They get all sorts of spiritual, Biblical and personal questions.

And, Gus continues to get to introduce you to the pilgrims. Today, he talks with Sam Davis, a convert, and Rosemary DeHaven who shares her moving story of being twice widowed and how that affected her emotionally and spiritually.


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