Tuesday, January 7, 2020

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The United Methodist Church is on the verge of a split over the issue of LGBTQ marriage and clergy. There is a very divisive difference of opinion in that church, which mirrors our country, and Gus is joined by Rev. Keith Boyette, president of the Wesleyan Covenant Association, who gives him the inside scoop on what exactly led to this and what is going to happen. Afterwards, Gus talks about the Catholic Church and pressures from the outside, and some from within, to acquiesce to the acceptance of same-sex marriage and asks listeners how they feel about it.


  • Marian McIntyre: January 08, 2020

    I would say I am acceptable of most people in our world. But even our Lord was not accepting of all. And rightly shouldn’t be. Our society is falling away from what is right and good because we are to be accepting of what is not acceptable in the Bible. I don’t like to have to explain to a child why two women or men are kissing on a commercial. And as a Christian we do accept the person but not the bad behaviors. You know as well as anyone that if it was acceptable to engage in this behavior we would no longer have a society, it’s impossible. So to say you will no longer listen to the truth about what the Bible teaches than maybe you should turn the show off.

  • Sharon Seaver: January 08, 2020

    I have a little bit different perspective as a revert to Christianity (Methodist) and
    later a convert to Catholicism. I returned to my Methodist roots in my early 30s, but went into a period of questioning and conversion that eventually lead becoming Catholic. One of my difficulties as a Methodist was the hyper-focus of this issue within the church. I was what I would call a sympathetic centrist. I was open to the acceptance of those with different sexual orientations but not ready to celebrate something I didn’t understand. I was however definitely willing to listen and wanted to be welcoming.

    Unfortunately there became such a division in the church over this issue that matters of theology evangelization and charity seemed all but forgotten. Very few people including myself were being fed at this point. I became hungry and went looking for faith that could provide more than was available to me in that community. That journey lead me to my Catholic faith. I converted and consider my faiths the missing piece that completed me as a human being. I know the church’s teaching on this issue is different than what I personally believe, but matters like this are for divine revelation and not public opinion to decide. I am truly being fed now by the Eucharist scripture and the Catholic community. Let’s pray for the Church, the Pope and Christians of all denominations and sexual orientations that we can work together.

  • Mary DeHaven: January 08, 2020

    Heard your show today, and have to say I was extremely disappointed, and will no longer tune in. In your phone in segment regarding lgbtq and the Catholic Church, there was a female caller who really went on almost “bashing” lgbtq community members, and essentially anyone who supported them, including businesses who taught respect of diversity, and the “evil” Hollywood influence. While I respect individual opinions, I do not respect intolerance and mean spiritedness, and I had hoped, actually prayed, that you would say something to her. But instead, you told her that you understood where she was coming from and basically supported her opinion as some kind of slow decay of society, and your fear of the same for the Catholic Church. My youngest child is a member of the lgbtq community, and is one of the most loving and kind individuals you would ever want to meet. I also have other family members in the community. But they have been marginalized by the Church and by people like you and your callers. I commend the German bishops who are standing up and are willing to address these sensitive topics. Change is not guaranteed, but at least they are willing to research, evaluate and determine if our catechism is outdated. Also, after hearing today’s calls, I welcome a break in the Catholic Church much like the Methodist church. At least all my family would feel welcomed, loved, and equal in the eyes of our Lord.
    I trust that if I am wrong, I will be judged accordingly when I face our Lord. But I will hedge my bets, and take love, compassion and acceptance as my way because I don’t think I can go wrong there. I pray that you and your listeners do not face an alternate judgement when your time comes. I pray that you and your listeners have your hearts opened, should one of your family come out. I pray you don’t turn them away.
    I have always struggled listening to your show, but forced myself to, in the hope of possibly learning something, a different perspective. I am a cradle Catholic, but do enjoy learning things about my religion. But you do not represent the church I embrace. Today you lost a listener.

    Mary DeHaven

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