Tuesday, January 4, 2022

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Gus talks about dogs and cats and asks listeners which one they prefer. He and Michelle are both. They started out as dog people, raising and adopting greyhounds, but, over time became cat people. Gus grew up disliking cats because his dad did but grew to love them when they were forced to take in their daughter's cat after her college dorm told her she had to get rid of it. Gus invites listeners to call in and talk about their dogs and cats or both.

Also, Gus talks about a ministry that he and his bride Michelle have been involved in for nearly 20 years called Teams of Our Lady, which is an international lay movement designed to assist marriage spirituality. They meet monthly and one thing they do at each meeting is go around the room and talk about their highs and lows in the last month. Gus brings the question, what were your high and low moments of 2021, to his listeners.

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  • Fr. Sean O’Neill: January 05, 2022

    Gus, I discovered you on the Sirius XM search while driving my new truck and I thank you for your witness and ministry.
    Your topic yesterday about cats and dogs-I’m definitely a dog guy, not a cat guy-hit home. I’m a priest of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and am stationed as Pastor of Our Lady of Consolation Parish in Parkesburg, PA . For 10 1/2 years, my Beagle sidekick, Norm (named after Norman McLean, “A River Runs Through It”) was my partner in crime (or, in grace!). He was a tremendous gift from God: accompanying me from an inter-city Philadelphia parish that we eventually had to close, to a newly merged parish community in Delaware county, PA. He was faithful not only to me, but in serving the people of God, from helping the sick and dying feel comfortable during their illness, those who mourn, the youth and being at the “Church Hound” at Masses.
    Sadly, I had to put Norm down in November. He had fought hard during a battle with bladder cancer (parishioners had surprised me a year before when I went to pick him up and pay his surgery bill, I was told it had been “taken care of.”
    I plan on getting another Beagle-I love the breed and hope to hunt him, too-in the spring of this new year. I’m on a breeder’s list currently, and I am currently getting things ready to “puppy-proof” the rectory. I can’t say enough about how much God’s creatures are part of His plan. He gave them to us to help us carry out that plan in our lives. I know that certainly was the case with Norm (Normanator was one of my favorite nicknames for him!)
    In Christ,
    Fr. Sean O’Neill

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