Tuesday, January 12, 2021

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Gus reads a Tweet posted yesterday by the extremist pro-abortion group NARAL who baselessly stated three times that the "anti-choice" (aka pro-life) movement is rooted in violent white supremacy. Gus rebuke that label and talks about how that label is an effort to paint an entire movement in a negative light and cast suspicion. Gus gets listener reaction.

Later, Gus talks about one of the byproducts of the pandemic, which is working from home. Millions of people are now doing that because commuting in a lot of areas isn't considered safe. Gus brings about his producer Scott to talk about his positives and negatives working from home. Afterwards, he talks with listeners who are now working from home about their experiences.

And, President and Founder of Real Life Catholic, Chris Stefanick, calls in to talk about their new small group ministry, which assists Catholic ministries everywhere in this era of COVID.

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  • Russell Nemecek: January 15, 2021

    Typical of the Marxist, satanical left to try to demonize anyone that disagrees with them as we are now seeing unprecedented censorship in this country. It is laughable for an organization and movement responsible for an overwhelming amount of non-white babies killed in the womb to label people that want to save lives as some supremacist group.

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