Tuesday, February 19, 2019

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Gus also plays a few clips from Cardinal Dolan's press conference yesterday where he reaffirmed the Archdiocese of NY's commitment to women in crisis pregnancies. He said that any pregnant woman anywhere who feels she's in a desperate situation and is considering an abortion can come to the Archdiocese of NY and get full care before, during and after childbirth. And no woman will be turned away regardless of religion, marital status or immigration status. This is a response to Gov. Andrew Cuomo's radical abortion bill but Cardinal Dolan stressed our primary response shouldn't be anger, as righteous as it may be. It should be a reaction of love, compassion and understanding.

Former Episcopal priest Andrew Petiprin joins Gus in the Conversion Corner. Though he grew up in a Jesus-loving Protestant family, Andrew's parents' divorce had an effect on his spirituality and he became an agnostic. His faith experienced an awakening in his late-teens/early-20s while studying at Oxford University in England, and he went through an Episcopal seminary. Andrew and his family announced they will be joining the Catholic Church in late-2018 and he explains to Gus what led them to that decision.

Later, Gus talks about how a lot of people have problems and/or bones to pick with Catholicism or Catholic teaching, even Catholics. Gus takes questions from listeners who have a particular issue.


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