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On Day 2 of his parish mission at St. Thomas the Apostle in Lenoir City, Diocese of Knoxville, Tennessee, Bishop Richard F. Stika, joins Gus to share his vocation story, talk about what's special about his diocese and the clergy sex abuse scandal currently rocking the Catholic Church.

Later, parishioner Stu McFadden shares his amazing experience ministering to the imprisoned through Kairos Prison Ministry and recounts some incredible experiences watching people who broke the law connect with Jesus Christ.

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  • GARY LAXSON: December 06, 2018


    Good Morning Child of God!

    On one of your shows this week you discussed the topic of God speaking to anyone. After contemplating that idea, the only thing I could point to was the urge to write about my ideas. I am far from being a Bible scholar (I seldom remember a chapter and verse) or theologian, but I like to ask why the Bible makes practical sense. I like to experiment with texts like “pray without ceasing,” and “in ALL things give thanks.” I like to think of the reasons we even go to church, aside from the Eucharist which takes a real Love for Christ to experience the benefit. It is difficult to develop that Love when it is so easy to think we don’t get anything from going to church, or I can pray anytime why do I need to be in church. I do not hear well so I spend some time in church thinking and imagining that I am contributing to the service just by sitting in the pew. That comes from the passage “where two or three are gathered in My Name . . . .” I’ve decided that synergism (one log by itself will only simmer and smoke, but 2 or 3 logs will flame and provide more heat) is created in church. Faith, prayer, and God’s presence, are all amplified many times because we are gathered to worship.

    I also tuned in on a day when you were doing the intentional Rosary. My thought was to pray for more people to pursue the Christian way of life, because there are so many people looking at life in negative ways. There is way too much focus on ways to grumble about trivial political correctness, criticism of others, and unforgiving thoughts. A practicing Christian would or should let God handle those things, and focus on the many ways to Love and be kind instead.

    This is when I had an idea for an experiment on your show. What if your listeners would focus on a prayer like Love and Kindness for a week or month? Would we see a ripple effect around us because of the synergism we create? Then, take another Christian idea to focus on for the next month. I’d certainly love to hear comments from listeners about any changes they notice.

    Your show is the BEST! You are so articulate. You always say the right things. I highly value the short time I am able to tune in. You certainly help a lot of people. I try to contribute by making your “Minute in the Church” available for free to our “walk-in” customers (I’m working on my second hundred copies).

    I don’t intend to tell you how to do your show. I just felt compelled to forward this suggestion.

    Peace be with you! GARY LAXSON

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