Thursday, December 6, 2018

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Ulf Ekman sits down with Gus in the Conversion Corner. Ulf is a native Swede and, although he was baptized, he grew up mostly without any sort of religion. He converted to Lutheranism and eventually became a Lutheran priest at Upsalla University in the 1980s. With his wife Birgitta, he founded Word of Life, a large Pentecostal church that attracted thousands of members and planted churches and Bible schools around the world. Word of Life became the first "mega-church" in Sweden and Ulf became the country's most prominent Christian leader, earning comparisons to Billy Graham. On March 9, 2014, Ulf and his wife announced they were leaving Word of Life to become Catholics, which was nothing short of a bombshell in his native country. Ulf shares that experience with Gus, which he and Birgitta outline in the new book "The Great Discovery."

During the interview, Ulf told Gus about many signposts he encountered during his Lutheran ministry that pointed to Catholicism. Gus asks listeners if God ever sent them anything like that in their faith journey.

Also, Gus gives away copies of A Minute in the Church.


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