Tuesday, December 12, 2023

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Gus is joined by Joseph and Monique Gonzalez, authors of "Guadalupe and the Flower World Prophesy: How God Prepared the Americas for Conversion Before the Lady Appeared," available from Sophia Institute Press. In the book, they talk about how the people in that region had been prepared for Our Lady's apparition on Tepeyac Hill in Aztec art and songs in the years leading up to her appearance, which helped make the people accepting of her message and actions that transpired with Juan Diego
Later, Gus shares the miraculous story of the Blessed Virgin Mary's appearance to St. Juan Diego on this day in 1531. He uses this as a teaching moment on why the Catholic Church venerates the Blessed Virgin Mary and doesn't worship her, which many non-Catholic Christians say we do. He talks about how the fourth commandments states that we should honor our mother and father. Jesus, being a good Jew, certainly followed that and how we should too, especially considering that she is the mother of our Lord and savior. Afterwards, he invites listeners to call in and talk about the role the Blessed Virgin Mary plays in their lives.


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