Tuesday, December 1, 2020

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Gus talks about the dichotomy between how our culture celebrates Christmas before Christmas and how the Catholic Church does it, which is called the season of Advent. Since we just entered into that season, Gus asks listeners if they actually celebrate Advent, how they do it and what traditions they have.

Gus reads an essay written by Fr. Dana Christensen entitled "Terminally Ill Priest Warns: COVID is Being Used by the Enemy to Drag Souls to Hell; We Must Fight!" Fr. Christensen suffers from ALS, has lost the use of his extremities and is nearing the end of his life. In his essay, he doesn't deny the science COVID-19 but rather challenges the byproduct of people living in fear and some churches not offering the sacraments. as well as several other cultural means the devil has used to drag souls to Hell. Gus reads the letter in its entirety and gets listener reaction.


  • Rev Kent Briwa: December 01, 2020

    Hey Gus….I’m an every day listener and I also enjoyed the essay by Father Christensen today. As a cradle catholic and an ordained Minister I actually posted the following on my website, centraltexaschaplains.com in June….
    Ezekiel 37:22-25
    “This will make them one nation and I will be King over all of them. They will never again be divided and they will no longer defile themselves with idols and vile images or with any other offenses. Then I will save them from all their sinful backsliding, and cleanse them. They will be my people,
    and I will be their God.”
    We have to see this was all predicted ….Matthew 24:4 is just one example. Thanks for what you do Gus.

  • Greg Lynch: December 01, 2020

    I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your program today. I especially enjoyed the essay by Father Christensen. I belong to a church which still practices the “Catholic” Mass. I mean the old way when people felt like they were in a church and not a community center. We celebrate the Latin Mass. I thought about that while you were reading the essay and found myself more and more believing that what we were celebrating was the right way to Jesus. Thank you so much for making this a good day.

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