Monday, November 30, 2020

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Gus goes over some recent religious liberty cases, including the Diocese of Brooklyn, New York's temporary 5-4 Supreme Court win, which prevents the State of New York from arbitrarily closing churches to prevent the spread of COVID even though they follow social distancing and sanitation guidelines recommended by the CDC. Laws like that nationwide have come under scrutiny particularly because churches are considered spreaders of the virus by some municipalities while strip clubs, bars, liquor stores and gyms are not. Listeners call in and weigh in on all issues of this verdict.

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  • Steve: December 01, 2020

    we seem to be surrounded by darkness, doom, and gloom. Thank God for any glimmers of hope like the Supreme Court decision.
    When the Miraculous Medal was first introduced, a cholera epidemic occurred in France. People who wore the medal around their neck survived. The medal should always be blessed.
    The Light of the world will soon arrive for us. A lit blessed candle in a home or office can be of great comfort during dark lonely times.

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