Tuesday, April 17, 2017

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Fr. Len Plazewski, pastor of Christ the King Catholic Church in Tampa, joins Gus in his studio to talk about the Cause of Canonization for Antonio Cuipa and Companions, aka the Florida martyrs. You can learn more about the martyrs and their cause for canonization by clicking here.

Also, dovetailing off yesterday's discussion about dwindling mass attendance, Gus asks listeners if they've ever had the feeling of being unwelcome at mass and what can be done to make new or visiting parishioners feel more welcome.

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  • Gary Laxson: April 18, 2018

    I guess I was in my late 30’s or 40’s before I started making sense about God. I never missed too many Sundays in church growing up, but that was because I knew my left ear was going to be there, so I wanted to be there too. I remember praying at a youth retreat to understand God, but if I got an answer I didn’t recognize it. I envy the person that never has religious instruction, but decides they want to preach God’s word at the age of 17. I regret the many blessings I missed because I didn’t understand life’s lessons that are taught in The Bible. When I read the line yesterday from Psalm 34, “taste and see” I felt like it was saying, “try it, you’ll like it,” and next it describes the benefits coming from trying to think and act like God and Jesus. There is a song that is frequently sung during communion with this line in it, but I’d rather associate it in regards to following the life lesson we find in the Bible. My faith increased every time I experimented with trying things God’s way even though they were opposite to the way my instincts wanted me to think, act and react. I started recognizing the benefits I gained by following His life lessons. God and Jesus are infinitely smart, I am definitely more and more interested to learn their wisdom! It makes my life better! I just wonder if there are people like I was
    who don’t understand the benefits of being in church, taking part in ministry, knowing people in church, thinking, acting, reacting, and even tithing the Christian way! I feel they are missing out because they don’t see the practical applications of the Christian way of life.

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