Thursday, September 27, 2018

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Gus talks about the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings that will take place in Washington D.C. today between Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford who has accused  him of sexually assaulting her when they were students at Georgetown 36 years ago. Gus gives his take on the whole situation and then asks for listeners to call in with theirs.


  • Maureen Lawyer: October 01, 2018

    Dear Gus, I was only able to listen for a short time this morning and agree with you & your view on the Kavanaugh hearings. I believe this is a witch hunt. I also believe that Dr. Ford, believes “something” happened to her, some where, at some time, at some place & maybe it did but, not with this good man. We were able to hear the Senate mention & listen to “her truths” but not mentioning to Judge Kavanaugh “his truths”. I hope and pray that he is confirmed.!!!! Thank You, Maureen

  • Linda: September 28, 2018

    I see comments from abused women and i feel for their pain. I have no doubt that there are instances of sexual abuse however, i do not believe Dr. Ford and think it is totally wrong to assume Kavanaugh is guilty because of the existence and emotions of actual abused victims. 36-years and she waits till this nomination to speak out. Why not speak out when he became a lawyer, a judge? Was it NOT her civic duty then??? This is Democratic dirty politics. He should be appointed. He’s a decent family-man and of faith.

  • Francis Avery: September 28, 2018

    Gus, I have recently been listening to your show and find it to be thought provoking. Unfortunately today I found that your approach led me to believe that you are indeed a conspiracy theorist. If you had discussed this the Kavanaugh issue tomorrow and provided your thoughts then I would have been much more receptive to your views. You would have had a chance to review todays proceedings and come to a logic based decision. But you did not give it a chance and had a preconceived decision based upon the hype and the information that we have been fed by the left and right leaning news media. Would your decision had been the same if the judge in question did not have the same points of view as you? We will never know but I would have expected a more reasoned and fact based judgement.

  • Galen Gillotte: September 28, 2018

    Just a note: 30 years ago society was quite different. There was not such a divide between men and women as there is now. A touch, a hug, a shoulder squeeze was not viewed as being attacked or assaulted. Nor would they be viewed as necessarily sexual in nature. People were just more relaxed and, I think, mature. Now, a man may touch a woman quite by accident and be accused of sexual assault. And, these days, being accused means being guilty. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? It is a sad society we live in.

  • Karen Newton : September 28, 2018

    Thank you for taking my call this morning. It is so very important that your listeners call their Senators and Elected Officials to tell them that Brett Kavanaugh be confirmed. We need prayer and action.

    Karen Newton
    Texas Federation of Republican Women.

  • Samantha Bice: September 28, 2018

    I was not able to get on to the radio show today, I was on hold for some time and then the segment ended. I am a survivor of abuse, both as a child and as a teen. I was put on the stand – as a little girl of not even 5 – to give testimony about my molestor. I was removed from the situation but my abuser is still walking free and I was never legally protected from him or the people who helped him perform the abuse. As you can see – even when we have an official court trial, women are not believed. Little girls are not believed. Again, when I was assaulted as a teenager, I was not believed and it was made out to be my fault, because “boys will be boys” and I should have EXPECTED to be assaulted.

    You stated “just because I don’t believe this woman doesn’t mean I don’t believe all women”. I’m sorry, but that is not accurate in our society. Any time a woman is willing to step into the spotlight and tell her truth, she is doubted and she is blamed. Dr. Ford and her family are receiving death threats because she stepped forward. Do you honestly think someone is willing to live in that sort of social hell just for some unknown political gain? She has nothing to gain by coming forward and everything to lose.

    I don’t agree with the court of public opinion we have right now. I think it goes too far most of the time. But when we set that aside, we have to either decide that the VICTIMS are innocent until proven guilty or not. Do we trust women or not? Do we care about sexual violence or not? Everyone wants to ensure we don’t tar and feather the abusers, but no one seems to be willing to give the same benefit to the victims. False allegations account for less than 2% of all allegations, and most never even make it to formal charges. So let’s err on the side of logic and common sense and believe women until given a reason not to.

    I was extremely disappointed to hear a prominent Catholic becoming a mouthpiece for sexual abusers. Especially given the situation in the church right now. You have lost a listener and it really does sadden me to say that. I hope if it was your daughter, telling you 30 years from now she was abused, you would believe her.

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