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Gus talks about the Senate Judiciary Hearing yesterday involving Supreme Court justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Ford Blasey who's accused him of sexually assaulting her when they were in high school. Gus reads a email he received from a listener who was upset with his position yesterday, calling him a "mouthpiece for sexual abusers," to which Gus takes strong exception. Gus takes issue with many of the points the now-former listener made and tells listeners, still listening, that he was moved by the testimony of both Kavanaugh and Ford yesterday. He takes listener reaction to the hearings.

We also engage in some Prayer Time and Gus and Bob Dunning talk this weekend's biggest match-ups in college football.


  • Natalie: October 01, 2018

    We have all been victims in one way or another, and for some far worse than others could image. The problem is there are many individuals today who are so absorbed in their own pain that they are blind to see the pain and misery of others- responding with anger and resentment rather than with love and compassion.

    My heart hurts for all women (and men) who have been sexually abused or assaulted in anyway.
    I also have great sadness for those who have been wrongly accused of horrific allegations. It destroys lives either way.

    I was abused in my mid 20s I picked my self, and became stronger than I was before it happened- but yes it still haunts me every now and then. As a victim of abuse, I have always been treated with great compassion from those who heard my story. I was not defamed and my story was not posted on public display.
    However, it is very different for those who are falsely accused of terrible crimes. They are victims too. They are branded for life, people are destroyed, families torn apart, even prisoned. Kavanaugh has been dragged through the mud. He may never be allowed to serve his country in public service as a judge, professor, or any public office if his nomination does not pass. Even if his nomination passes, he will always be branded as once being accused of inappropriate sexual acts for decades.
    Where is due process or Innocent until proven guilty? When did we start believing that all women tell the truth regardless of no evidence and all men cannot be trusted? The levels of division in this country has become so malignant it’s now almost terminal. It is a sad time in America. I have a daughter and son in college and I worry for both.

    I am sick that these claims have been politicized by Democrat leaders at the expense of a female accuser. Power hungry leaders took a weak broken woman and used her as a pawn to destroy a good man’s reputation, his family, and his life.
    I have no reason to doubt that Dr. Ford may have had a traumatic event in her life, but as a victim of abuse, I do not find her story to be credible at all- 35+ years and no one knew? No one to testify for her? There are so many holes, discrepancies, and it actually appears to be very shady as things are starting to unravel. This uncorroborated story is really an insult- minimizing the credibility of all assault victims and especially women to come forward.
    I am disgusted that a good honorable Christian man’s life is being destroyed, wife and his children are threatened/ harassed with full vengeance and evilness – all in the name of Power and control.
    As Senator Kennedy recited today- Matthew 16:26: “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?”

    Many many prayers for Judge Kavanaugh, ALL victims, our President and leaders. I pray that we all can overcome our own emotions that blind us from seeing past ourselves so that we may seek Truth, which is Love and Mercy.
    God please help us all!

  • Zachary Randall: October 01, 2018

    Great show, thank’s for being honest and not afraid to be nonpolitically correct. I pray judge K will stay the course and by God’s grace get through this scrounging that the culture of death is giving him. This just gives another example of the times where all living in. With the Vatican and their hierarchy chastising priest, bishop, archbishops and cardinals that do not conform to this same agenda that we’re seeing within all spectrums. God Bless and stay strong💪🏻!
    Pax Vobiscum

  • M Wright: October 01, 2018

    I had to take a moment to write my feelings about this issue. Like many I had mixed emotions. and watched much of it. However, at the point when Judge Kavanaugh spoke about his young daughter asking him to say a prayer also for Dr Ford, I realized that learning about mercy was taught to his daughter by him. Kids that age don’t often understand mercy for someone who may have hurt you by saying mean…I think now that he will make a really great and honest and mercy led Chief Justice. In my book, it has nothing to do with the establishment, but the ethics, morality, and honest mercy that a person exhibits.. to be able to teach our children this is amazing in today’s world and is not at all easy. PS. I am a catechist for 4th graders and only hope I can teach them these virtues.

  • chere fontenot: October 01, 2018

    I had a hard time with the fact that Dr. Ford could not remember where the party was, and how she got there and how she left the party. I did not find her story as credible as the democratic party did. To many holes in her story. Also I am not sure as to why she would want to say HI to one of her alleged attackers a few weeks later when she claims she saw one of the in a grocery store. This was 35 yrs ago, and she decided to come forward at the most critical time in this mans career. Also if gang rape was going on and NO ONE came forward, that is hard to believe as well. I do not believe it. If she confessed this to her husband and a counselor in 2012 WHY didnt someone have her come forward at that time.

  • Francis Avery: October 01, 2018

    Gus, A follow up to my email from yesterday which discussed the rush to judgement before each side was heard. I listened to today’s Seize the Day program (unfortunately not all) and felt that it was very centered and fruitful. I was interested in the interpretation/perceptions of the individual callers which I felt were based upon first hand knowledge as opposed to being solely influenced by media. Although I did not agree with everyone it allowed me to examine my position from other individuals perspective. I see that you also tried to find out if anyone had changed their mind based upon what they saw and heard during the committee meeting yesterday. Theory being -What would it take to move you off your position?
    I do agree with the one caller who felt she preferred religious discussion to politics. Although I understand that you need to meet your audiences needs I hope we can move on soon to help me get to know my region better.

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