Thursday, October 19, 2023

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Gus is joined by Deacon David Simonton, the co-founder of the ministry Behold Your Child. It's a ministry that caters to couples who've experienced miscarriage, which he started with his wife Gail after she had a few. He talks about the blessings they've received through providing whatever they can to couples who are going through this. He also shares with Gus his vocation story to the permanent diaconate.
Also, over the past couple of weeks, Gus has had two Conversion Corner guests who spoke about how going to church became a source of consternation with loved ones. In Gail Buckley Barringer's case, her non-practicing Methodist parents couldn't understand why she was drawn to going to church. During her marriage, when she was drawn to Catholicism, her husband, at first, couldn't understand why she wanted to go to mass. In Bob Katz's case, he told his Jewish parents that he would do his bar mitzvah, but, after that, he was done with faith. Gus asks listeners to call in and share what church faith life was like growing up and/or how it is with their children.
Later, Bob Dunning calls in to talk a little college football, that is, after they have a little discussion about earthquakes. Yesterday, a minor 4.2-magnitude earthquake struck the Sacramento area of California where Bob lives. They talk about Notre Dame's big win over USC last Saturday and predict the winners of this weekend's big games.


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