Thursday, November 16, 2023

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Gus recounts his on-air conversation with his bride Michelle yesterday regarding the passing of her mother, Tina McDaniel. One big aspect of the conversation was Michelle and her sisters' struggles in dealing with their mother's Alzheimer's. Gus invites listeners who've had loved ones who've had, or have, Alzheimer's or dementia and how that impacted them spiritually. We even hear from one caller who's in the early stages of Alzheimer's.
Later, Gus is joined by Edmundite Missions President Chad McEachern, which is named in honor of St. Edmund of Abingdon whose feast we celebrate today. Their mission is to follow Jesus' directive in feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, healing the sick and many other things, including educating the neglected in the Deep South. Chad shares what they do and how they do it and how a New Englander ended up in Selma, Alabama assisting the poor.
And Bob Dunning calls in to talk about several off/on-field issues in college football. They start first with the big off-field goings-on, including the latest on the cheating scandal involving the University of Michigan, which has resulted in the second suspension of head coach Jim Harbaugh this season. They also discuss the firing of Texas A&M head coach Jimbo Fisher and his ridiculous $76 million buyout. Afterwards, they talk about this weekend's biggest matchups on the field as well as next week's since Seize the Day will be off for Rivalry Week.


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