Thursday, May 9, 2024

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Gus talks about the announcement earlier this week that the Boy Scouts of America will change their name next year to Scouting America. It’s just another step in their woke ideology that started in 2013 with their announcement that they would begin allowing boys who identify as homosexuals to enter followed by allowing homosexual scout masters. They filed for bankruptcy in 2020 after shelling out over $150 million in child abuse lawsuit settlements and recently came out of it. Gus proclaims that the Boy Scouts are officially dead and takes listener comments.

Also, it was reported recently that Cincinnati Archbishop Dennis Schnurr has been diagnosed with Stage 3 small bowel cancer. He turned 75 recently, which is the age that bishops are required to submit their resignation, although they’re not always automatically accepted. Gus asks listeners if they or a loved one ever received a cancer diagnosis, how they reacted when they heard it and how it affected them spiritually.

Later, Bob Dunning calls in and chats with Gus about WWJD bracelets and they end up talking about how Bob is very introverted in public and doesn’t like being on the communion line and sits in the back of the church. He tells Gus he’s always been that way.


  • Carol Stephens: May 13, 2024

    I don’t know why they would allow the Boy Scouts any more than the Girl Scouts at a Catholic school. They both equally support teachings that don’t align with Catholicism.

  • Mary Hall: May 10, 2024

    While it may seem that the name change has “woke” implications, may I offer a different take. For Catholic girls, the Church no longer allows chapters of/ participation in Girl Scouts given its support of teachings not in line with our Catholic faith. For schools without another option, such as American Heritage Girls, it leaves a void. Therefore, girls are allowed to participate in Boy Scouts at our Catholic School. Given that girls are allowed to participate now, it seems the name change may reflect that. Just a thought.

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