Thursday, May 9, 2019

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This past Tuesday, Pope Francis gave another press conference to journalists on board Shepherd 1 en route to Rome from Skopje, North Macedonia to Rome. He was asked by one reporter about the possibility of female deacons and responded that a commission organized to study the women diaconate came back with inconclusive results and that there would not be a women's diaconate as of now. Gus gets listeners' thoughts.

Gus goes over Tom Hoopes' article "Catholic Parish Do's and Don't's" for his 8:00 am audience and goes over Tom's five points. Afterwards, he asks listeners to call in and share their opinions.

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  • LK: May 09, 2019

    We all have a vocation —a calling from God. I personally do not believe God is calling women to the priesthood.

    I fear that some women may be looking to the priesthood because they see it as a position of authority, status, being in charge —an issue of ego.

    Nancy Pelosi was quoted as saying following to the Natl Catholic Reporter’s Joe Feuerherd:
    “I didn’t think I wanted to be a nun, but I thought I might want to be a priest because there seemed to be a little more power there."

    Her attitude is not uncommon. The priesthood requires sacrifice and humility, not people who are thirsting for power.

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