Thursday, May 27, 2021

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Gus provides the latest on the USCCB's virtual June Meeting and the issue of Eucharistic Coherence. This issue has come about because of President Joe Biden, who professes to be a Catholic, but publicly supports several issues that conflict with the teachings of the Catholic Church, transgenderism, same sex marriage, etc. Several bishops wish to issue a letter urging Biden to not present himself for holy communion while several other bishops wish to put it off until they can meet in person. Gus reads a few pastoral letters issued by Bishop Thomas Paprocki, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone and Archbishop Samuel Aquila that express disappointment in the delay tactics of several of their brother bishops.

Afterwards, Gus takes the topic of Eucharistic Coherence and U.S. Bishops to the listeners and gets their thoughts and perspectives on pro-abortion public figures and the reception of the Eucharist.

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  • Steve: May 27, 2021

    Hi Gus!
    My Catholic heart and yours is wounded by the person who sits in the Oval Office of our nation. We have been given the mercy to turn these thoughts off from time to time, and think of more pleasant things!
    I began reading an amazing book: MYSTIC OF THE HOLY WOUNDS The Life and Revelations of Sister Mary Martha Chambon. I think that very few Catholics are familiar with her. A star appeared overhead at her birth, then disappeared.
    Sister Mary Martha had the stigmata and lived on the Holy Eucharist for a number of years. Other food would make her sick. She spent long hours in front of the Holy Eucharist. Her mission was to invoke the Holy Wounds of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
    “In ecstasy, God the Father revealed to her: ‘I associate you with my Angels. Know that you have more power than they, for you can unceasingly offer Me the Wounds of My Divine Son for sinners and they can only contemplate them.’ "
    She was told to hide herself inside the Holy Wounds like a dove; and that the prayers in honor of the Holy Wounds were for the future. She died in 1907.
    I encourage everyone to begin the practice of THE ROSARY OF THE HOLY WOUNDS.
    Prayers in honor of the Holy Wounds are a sure means of conversion.

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