Thursday, May 13, 2021

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Today is the 40th anniversary of the assassination attempt of Pope St. John Paul II in St. Peter's Square. It's been discovered that the assassin, Mehmet Ali Agca, was hired by the Russian government. It's also the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima and it marks the first appearance of the Blessed Virgin Mary to the three young children, Lucy, Jacinta and Francisco. One of her prominent messages was to pray for the conversion of Russia and, if we don't, Russia's errors will spread throughout the world. Gus says that Russia's chief error was adopting Marxist and communist principles to the government and, although its proven to be a Godless and Godless form of government, it continues to be repackaged and sold to young people as an effective and good one. Gus invites listeners to call in and share their concern about the rise of communism.

Later, Catholic author Patrick Novecosky calls in to talk about the 40th anniversary of the assassination attempt of Pope St. John Paul II and how it's come to light that the assassin, Mehmet Ali Ağca, was hired by the Russians for the purpose of killing the pope who was focused on bringing down communism. Patrick goes into detail about the story and how the Vatican and then-President Ronald Reagan knew about it but kept it quiet in order to bring about a peaceful dissolution of communism.

Also, Gus laments the passing of Peter Yore and Janine Dorsey who were killed riding their tandem bicycle on Tuesday after being hit by an impaired driver. Although they weren't friends, Gus knew Peter from church years before and was very affected when he heard the news. He talks about the fragility of life and how we're not promised tomorrow. He invites listeners who've experienced a tragedy like this and talk about making sense of it and getting through it.

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  • Annemarie: May 14, 2021

    Great words on today’s show Seize the Day. Thank you. So on point. The Marxism and Communist views are being sold as something good especially in this country as of late. We must continue to pray that God’s presence remains strong and dominant over the evil and power that is trying to win. 🙏🏻

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