Thursday, March 7, 2024

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Yesterday, Gus watched the new faith-based film “Cabrini,” which is being released in theaters tomorrow. It stars Cristiana Dell’Anna as Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini, who lived from 1850 to 1917 and was canonized a saint in 1946 and showcases her faithful struggle bringing the Catholic faith to the United States in the Victorian era. Not only does she confront the poverty of urban areas, but also battles the sexism and misogyny in society and within the Catholic Church at the time. The movie was produced by J. Eustace Wolfington who joins Gus to talk about the genesis the movie and what he hopes viewers get out of it.

Also, Gus goes over some Catholic news stories, particularly ones that deal with an uptick in the persecution of Catholics and churches. He talks about a story in Germany where some pro-life Catholics praying outside an abortion center were violently harassed by some pro-abortionists. He also talks about a story out of New York City where the office and rectory of St. Mary Byzantine Catholic Church were broken into and destroyed. Nothing was stolen and the police believe the crime was motivated by nothing other than hate and intimidation. Many of these acts are being called vandalism by authorities and many in the press. Gus asks, why aren’t they being called acts of terrorism? He opens the phones and gets the listeners opinions.

And earlier this week, a letter from an anonymous cardinal who calls himself “Demos II” was published on the Italian Web site “Bussola Quotidiana.” A few years ago, the late Australian Cardinal George Pell published an anonymous critique of Pope Francis under the name “Demos.” In it, he criticizes some of Pope Francis’ moves and initiatives but is more forward-looking and offers seven suggested tasks for the pope’s successor. Gus reads and reflects on Demos II’s letter.

Later, Bob Dunning calls in to talk with Gus about Fridays in Lent, what to eat and what it was like growing up compared to now. They also go down a rabbit hole on the history of Dungeness crabs. Gus also talks about his new squirrel baffle, which keeps the critters away from his bird feeder. Critics of the squirrel baffle say that you should just feed the squirrels in addition to the birds. Gus asks Bob what he thinks.


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