Thursday, March 24, 2022

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Gus broadcast live for the second day at Sacred Heart Cathedral while he's part of their two-night parish retreat. He talks with many people involved in the cathedral including two permanent deacons. First up, Deacon Scott Maentz, who is also their technical jack of all trades shares a bit of his vocation story. Afterwards, Deacon Walt Otey, joins Gus in the Conversion Corner. Deacon Otey grew up in the Free Methodist faith, which didn't allow activities such as going to movies, dancing and other typical activities that American kids get into. They also taught from the pulpit that all Catholics are going to hell. His perspective changed after he got divorced and started dating a Catholic woman. He shares the rest of the story with Gus and the listeners.
And later, Gus is joined by two successors of the apostles. First, the bishop of the Diocese of Knoxville, Bishop Richard Stika, sits down with Gus and talks about his diocese and how much it's grown since taking office in 2009. He also talks about getting back to pre-COVID worship standards and his approach to supporting pro-life legislation in his state. Afterwards, Cardinal Emeritus of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia Justin Rigali joins Gus who now lives in Knoxville talks with Gus. He talks about what brought him to Knoxville after his retirement over 10 years earlier, voting in two papal conclaves and always remaining a simple priest at heart.


  • Gus Lloyd: March 26, 2022

    Jeff, you can hear the story on the Sirius XM app for up to a week after airing. Thanks for listening!

  • Jeff Gorman : March 26, 2022

    Loved the Deacon Walt Otey conversion story. I thought I heard that it was available as a podcast (?) and you can hear it on Conversion Corner. I can’t seem to find that on this web site. So many reasons I want it but at the moment the main reason is that i have a friend that was run off from RCIA because of a bad encounter with a priest. That kind of experience can be devastating…!! Especially when a non-catholic has a “first experience” that is not only not good, but earth shatteringly painful. I am a discerning person myself for the Diaconate and so i loved the story for that reason as well….but I want to “share” the interview if possible with my pal that had a bad experience with a priest. This is just a really good listen…..where can I find it?

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