Thursday, March 2, 2023

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Catholic children's book writer Anthony DeStefano calls in to talk about his new book, "Greenlee is Growing," which tells the story of a young girl and her life's journey from the Springtime of youth to her Winter of old age and how the seasons of her life shaped her faith and fortitude. He and Gus also talk about this recent trend of editing classic children's books in order to make them more politically correct, or "woke." Afterwards, Gus brings the topic of editing Roald Dahl's classic children's books for wokeness to the listeners who call in and share what they read their kids or what their parents read to them and how anything they perceived as controversial was handled.
Also, Fr. Brice Higginbotham calls into the show from Rome to talk about his new book, "Remaining with Jesus: Discipleship in the Gospel of John," which begins by recognizing St. John's extraordinary faith during the Passion. Like the other Apostles, he fled when the Pharisees and the Romans arrested Jesus in the Garden, but he was the only one to return at the foot of the Cross. Fr. Brice also shares his vocation story with Gus and the listeners.
And yesterday, Department of Justice Attorney General Merrick Garland testified before the Senate yesterday. He was questioned intensely by Missouri Senator Josh Hawley about turning the Mark Houck case, which was thrown out by the Philadelphia district attorney over a year ago, into a national case. Mark Houck is a Catholic pro-life advocate who got into a tussle with an abortion escort, a good distance away from the abortion center, who was harassing his young son. The case went to a federal trial and ultimately ended with Houck's acquitted by a jury in just an hour's time. He also pressed Garland about a memorandum that came to light that was generated in the FBI's Richmond field office that outlined the targeting of traditional Catholics who attend the Latin mass and asked him if the FBI has an anti-Catholic bias. Gus plays audio of the full exchange.


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