Thursday, March 14, 2024

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Today marks the 11th anniversary of Pope Francis’ papacy. Gus talks a little bit about that day back in 2013 and how the channel covered it. He also talks about the moment the diminutive-looking, bespectacled pope stepped on the balcony and greeted the world. Gus talks about how, for him, Francis’ papacy has been a mixed bag. He praises its theme, which is reaching out extensively to the poor and the marginalized but criticizes its oftentimes heavy political bent of it. He talks about the pope’s union with certain climate change radicals, who are into things like population control, and how the pope seems to take a chainsaw to an issue that could’ve been fixed with a scalpel, like the Latin mass community. He invites listeners to call in and give their review of Pope Francis’ papacy thus far.

Also, Bob Dunning calls in to talk with Gus about several issues, including daylights savings time, which started last weekend. Gus did an X poll, asking his followers if they liked or disliked daylights savings time. The overwhelming majority disliked it and would rather pick one time and stick with it. Afterwards, they talk March Madness, which starts this weekend and Bob gives his predictions on who will win the men’s and women’s national championships. They also talk about how the Dartmouth men’s basketball team is trying to start a player’s union.

And Gus goes over a Catholic news item of interest. The Coptic Orthodox Church has broken off its theological dialogue with the Catholic Church following the release of Fiducia supplicans, particularly guidance for spontaneously blessing same-sex unions. The Coptic Orthodox Church is against all forms of normalizing homosexuality.


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