Friday, March 15, 2024

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This Sunday is the Feast of St. Patrick, bishop and patron saint of Ireland. It’s a feast day that’s become corrupted by our culture with plastic leprechauns and green beer, and so, to get listeners get refocused on St. Patrick, the man and the mystic, Gus welcomes Catholic author Connie Marshner to talk about her new book, “Monastery and High Cross: The Forgotten Eastern Roots of Irish Christianity.” Although St. Patrick is credited with spreading the Catholic faith throughout Ireland, he didn’t introduce to the island nation. There were churches and monasteries that preceded him. She talks about the real history of Catholicism in Ireland as well as the history and life of the saint.

Also, Gus engages in some Friday Prayer Time with listeners and, later, reads and reflects on St. Ambrose's "On Penance" in today's edition of Friday w/the Fathers.

And, in today's daily Lenten reading and reflection of Psalm 51, Gus reads two different translations. The first, the one he reads every day, comes from the New American Bible - St. Joseph's Edition and the second comes from the New American Bible Revised Edition. There are some subtle differences, which Gus points out, but both are approved by the Catholic Church.

St. Patrick, pray for us!


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